Company Profile

1. Objective

To provide a range of Calibration and Testing Services that:

  • Meet Customer’s expressed needs
  • Utilises highest quality Calibration equipment that has itself been subjected to the most reputable and thorough NATA accredited (or accepted equivalent) calibration process – or calibrated using
    such equipment (where in-house transfer calibrations are necessary)
  • Takes note of what is observed during the Calibration process, allowing unusual results to be investigated immediately, if appropriate, rather than merely being hidden in a report
  • Can assist with fault finding, if applicable

2. Methodology

Each type of calibration will generally be guided by a standard procedure. However we recognise that there are unique aspects to every customer’s process; these unique aspects may necessitate a different approach or different emphasis to parts of a procedure. While we will not interfere with the integrity of the Calibration, we are happy to be flexible.

We are careful to report what we find – and we generally do so in detail. We believe that how the results were obtained and the detail of those results, should be available to the client

The process of credible calibration must start with calibration equipment of significantly higher level of accuracy than the equipment under test. Our equipment is exceptionally accurate and, coupled with a wide compensated operating temperature range, this accuracy can be substantially maintained on site, in uncontrolled environments.

3. Competence

Our competence is based on 4 principal elements

a. Experience

Staff in or closely associated with the Company can draw on well over 20 years of experience with industrial instrumentation and over 20 years of experience in Calibration

b. Qualifications/courses attended

Quality Management in the Laboratory (3-day), NATA

Temperature Measurement Course (3-day), National Measurement Laboratory (NML)
Using the ISO Guide to Expressions of Uncertainty in Measurement (3-day), NML
Graduate Diploma in Information Management, Deakin University
Numerous instrumentation training courses

M.Sc. in Industrial Administration, University of Aston in Birmingham, UK

Higher National Certificate in Mechanical Engineering, UK

c. Contacts

Staff can and do draw on a very wide range of personal contacts, throughout CSIRO, NMI (was NML), other Calibration facilities, Suppliers and Industry. We recognise that “No man is an island, entire of itself; …” (Donne). If we do not know, we ask…

Elected by peers Member of Metrology Society of Australia

d. Continuous Learning

If we ever think that we know all there is to know, we have a problem. We learn something new every day and much of it finds its way into improving/developing the procedures we use








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