Calibration & Instrumentation Services utilise the renowned Fluke 5520A high-end multi-product calibrator as a principal element in the calibration of multimeters and other electrical test and measurement equipment.

In concert with other precision test systems, this instrument allows us to calibrate a huge selection of equipment, ranging from basic digital or moving coil multi-meters and clamp meters through to power meters and 6½-digit precision systems

As with all our primary test equipment, this unit is also covered by a calibration from a NATA accredited laboratory, ensuring the highest standards of precision and traceability to National Standards.

Calibrations include:

  • Amp-meters
  • Clamp Meters
  • Current Transducers
  • Data Loggers
  • Digital Multimeters - Hand/Bench
  • Digital Thermometers
  • Frequency Counters
  • Insulation Testers
  • Process Calibrators
  • Resistance meters
  • Moving Coil Meters
  • Voltmeters

Makes of Instruments calibrated include:

  • Almemo
  • APPA
  • CIE
  • Datapac
  • Druck
  • Escort
  • Elpro
  • Eurotron/ Unical
  • Extech
  • Fluke
  • HP/Agilent
  • Iso-Tech
  • Keithley
  • LEM/Unigor
  • Lutron
  • Rosemount
  • SEW
  • Tech Chek
  • Tektronix (DMM)
  • Testo
  • Thurlby
  • Time Electronics
  • Yokogawa
  • Wavetek Meterman

Electrical Parameters that can be Sourced / Measured include:

  • AC current 29µA to 20.5A
  • AC voltage 1µV to 1020V, 10Hz to 500kHz
  • Capacitance 0.1pF to 110mF
  • DC current 1nA to 20.5A
  • DC voltage 0.1µV to 1020V
  • Frequency, 0.01Hz to 2.0MHz
  • Resistance values, 0.0001Ohm to 1100MOhms
  • 8 types of RTDs
  • 11 types of thermocouples
  • Current to 1000 amps (via Fluke 50 turn coil)








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